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Your network is driving you crazy
The webpages load slowly, files downloads take forever and there always annoying pauses when playing Spotify. Despite getting the fastest Internet connection plan from your ISP provider, it feels like your computer is slow like a snail. This problem happens at home, but also at work.

Where exactly is the problem?
It could be your Internet connection or as well the WiFi network. Maybe your computer, or even a problematic WiFi router. Or - is it all the connected devices in your WiFi network. What about my neighbours, with their WiFi networks? It turns out locating the root cause of the problem is a difficult problem, it does require quite an extensive networking know-how. In addition, each network configuration is different, and the problem can change over time.

How do I solve the problem?
Once you - or your expert friend that you called in the meantime - found the root cause for the problem, with networks it is not easy to determine what the best solution is. And how do you know the problems shows up again soon? Is the recommendation to buy a new WiFi router really the right one - and how can you test this?

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The Product
"Dr. WiFi" is a mobile app that solve a number of WiFi problems, which many Wi-Fi users experiences. In addition, this app has the potential to become an important tool when debugging and deploying Internet of Things (IoT) products. There is no app with this feature set, is a unique opportunity for such a product in the market right now.

The Technology
A number of technologies used in this app are developed in-house and are patented pending.

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The company

The company


Fabian Meier, Founder

Fabian has a deep passion for technology, and is an experienced manager and engineer in software (embedded & apps), networking and consumer electronics. During the last 10 years Fabian successfully managed the development of 10+ consumer electronics complex products, from the first idea to the production at G-Lab/GENEVA, DigitalStrom and BridgeCo. As a result, all products were successfully launched in the marketplace, many products won awards. Before that he work as a software engineer for startups as well as for large technology companies (Siemens, Silicon Graphics) in both Silicon Valley and Switzerland. He is the author of three US patents in image compression. He received his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University in Chicago, US and his B.S. / FH degree from HSR Rapperswil.


Current Status
We are flying below the radar until we release the first product.

Zürich, Switzerland.




Software engineer (part-time, side-project) 

We are looking for a software engineer for an innovative WiFi & Internet of Things (IoT) app. You have a passion for software, networks and technology. This is a side project; the work can be done next to your existing job.


  • Define the mobile architecture
  • Port the current working prototype into the iOS platform (Objective C or Swift)
  • Improve current and add new features, work on both the engine and the user interface of the iOS app
  • Work closely with the CTO on the networking technology

How we work
Instead of outsourcing the work, we prefer to have a software engineer internally who is very passionate about his work, and is interested to learn new things. This will be a great learning experience, and the end result will be an app that solves real problems. You will be responsible for the architecture, and you will have a lot of freedom on how to implement the software. 

The launch of the first beta version should be within a few months, a solid version 1.0 should be ready within the next six months. Early user feedback is important. The concept is ready, and a first working prototype is working and being used as a proof of concept for testing. This is a small project - I'd like to keep the team small and lean. My role is focusing on the technology, testing, visual design and promotion of the app.

This is a self funded lean startup. This first project is designed to be a side project. The goal of this position is to become a co-owner, with revenue sharing and a vesting plan. 



  • Degree in software engineering or electrical engineering (B.S. or M.S.).
  • Passion for software.
  • Independent, communicative, open for new ideas.
  • Located around Zürich.

Nice to have

  • Experience with networks (socket programming, knowledge of IP protocols).
  • iOS or Android experience.


Send an email to Fabian Meier ( with your C.V. (German or English) with a short introduction, why you are motivated to be part of the team.